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black excellence

No, human excellence.

you really bout to elvis presley a positive post?

White people really hate to give black people credit. 

White Jealousy

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Ab-Soul - Closure

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Great concept!



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" I will paint you like an Aztec princess. "

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Never forget the foundation of Law and Order.

People really don’t know that America’s first police force was made to keep watch for runaway slaves and keep free ones in check. This has carried over into today and will never stop, unfortunately.

KRS One tried to tell us

The first police “organizations” were Rattle Watches. The first police officers were Runaway Slave Patrolman, which started in 1705.

Historical context is significant


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" Tu piel y mi piel, ves que se reconocen. Es la memoria que hay en nuestros corazones; "

- Luz de Dia; Enanitos Verdes

It’s too fuxking early to deal with cops rn

& now my sad ass is gonna get up and go run

all this heart ache cortisol is taking tyme outta my lyfe, fuck that.
Get that running medicine tho body, release those chemicalzz.

it’s 8:04 in the morning,

and I’m crying cause my heart hurts,
crying, crying, crying,
i used to think it was because my mourning process is long, but now I see that this isn’t necessarily the case,
realizing that these things i have accepted that these realities I’m entangled in hurt,
homies don’t do homies like that without talking about it first,
relationshipz vs realationships,

I just want you to know it wasn’t just you that broke my heart,
and I want you to know that you didn’t just break my heart once,
pero broke my heart twice,
and I want you to know that the second tyme y’all broke my heart together,
and while I was able to put it back together when it broke the first tyme„,
it’s still in pieces from how y’all breaking my heart rn,
i give myself so much credit for the strength I have, en mi corazón, mente, y cuerpo,
por k jamás de todo,
todavía lxs amo,
todavía lxs respecto,
no tengo cualquier rencor por esto,

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