i was sharing my perceptions on the reaLationz ive had with this persun not too long ago,

she was telling me how nonmonogamous “queer” folks often use “nonmonogamous” as a means to just “sleep” around with other folks in the community and out of it. i think a lot of what she was sharing with me had to do with some trauma that stemmed from her own understandings and experiences of relations where someone played her like this, but see i can totally see that shit. however it isnt even about sleeping with folks or being physical even though that is a very valid part of our humxn experience, its about the soul too. and letting it flourish with energies that understand it without words, transcending lyfetymes and rules, and expectationz„ i think this is something that ive been able to find a really intense grounding for myself in„ i dont think i could have ever seen myself seeing these things like five/six years ago, or those early years of high school where i myself was being the player while being played in this whole fucked up game we caught up in playin, im so glad i transitioned out of that and that i dont need that anymore that it isnt a form of my survival anymore and that i aint caught up in that„ blessed even, just blessed„ im. im. :] 

"Stop planting flowers in peoples yards who aren’t going to water them."

Are you single? And what type of guys do you like?

is this your game? cause, i don’t like. :] 
however, on a more serious note. 
i ain’t no wifey, at least not right now, and not in the sense that “society” sees “non-singleness”. i dont do relationz like most people do, if your energy vibes with mine on that intimacy and on some other world dimension shit i’m down.  if we’re supposed to be the universe will line us up somehow. ive been happy just going and flowing with this lately. to be real i have attractions towards certain foos that are familiar and remind me of home like that [e]LA swaggg and energy and my familiez parts of mexico and the americas, just ta let ya know its not just about guys and gurlz - energiez. 


Tu desmadrosx self just melts into mines so smoothly; <3. 

"Just be fucking honest about how you feel about people while you’re alive."

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I forgot I had some shit to do,
Now I have to get the fuck out of my comfy ass fuxking bed, put some fucking pants on and handle my fuxking scandal.. Ehhh it’s ok I’ll be done before night pero -.-